somebody stop me

I am helpless on my own. I can't stop appliquéing stuff onto old t shirts. I had the idea to find some old ts at d&s to spruce up for summer, as I wear t shirts every day. They tend to get stained so I don't like to spend a lot of money on them...I normally just splurge on one or two really cute ones every year. So, anyways. I found a few to re-purpose on Saturday and started cutting stuff out on Sunday afternoon. Then I went and got my shirts from last year and figured, what the heck, why should I have any plain t shirts?

Here's what I started with:
Here's where I stopped (yesterday...I have done another since and have one more ready to sew)
(sorry about the poor photo quality...too excited to plan anything more visually appealing than my shower curtain)
(I love this little heifer on the bottom...these were from an old barkcloth curtain I've had for years.)

I will still probably do a little sewing or embroidery on most of them. I love them but have a feeling this project might someday become my ceramic bunny with a pot on it's head* of 2008.

*don't ask


  1. Stephanies mom - return to Wisconsin STAT, we need to do an intervention!!!
    HAHAHA - I'm totally joking and you know it, right? :)
    You are so crafty and thrifty - those shirts are fantastic. Way to go!!!
    You must do a post of the "ceramic bunny with a pot on it's head" - that sounds too good to ignore.

    Lots of rain coming tonight, are they hooked up yet??

    See you soon!

  2. GREAT Job!! I will not stop you... at least not until you make one for me;) hee hee hee

  3. Sweet shirts dude! You go right ahead and indulge your crafty ways, I will schedule an intervention if you start getting shaky and start pawning your groceries for D&S change . . . . Can't wait to see them IN person.

  4. Thank you all. Heidi, Susan & Zoe - You guys have to promise to tell me if they're geeky in real life. thanks.



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