what'll it be?

have to:

call local pool about swim lessons for james
get some groceries
figure out checkbook
put trash out

should do:

package gifts & go to post office
mow lawn
put laundry away
pay bills
empty out van
catch up on emails
take chair cushions to laundromat

want to:

make list of sewing projects
research cameras (mine is DEAD)
dig & save
write letter on adorable new stationary
(I got some as a gift for a little friend and loved it so much I had to get one of my own...illustrated by Claire of Loobylu & kiddley!)
pick up library books
lunch somewhere nice

Tune in later to see! xoxo


  1. Yeah, glad you guys are home safe!

  2. DO THE WANT LIST, DO THE WANT LIST. Life is to short. Let me know and I can talk to you about the cameras.

  3. What wonderful stationary. Thanks for the tip!


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