windy weekend

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This is the park in the center of town. The high winds on Saturday took down so many mature trees in this's heartbreaking. The gazebo got damaged as well but, thankfully, the historical town hall was left undisturbed.

Patrick and James got into town right as it was ending and Ruby and I waited the storms out safely at Dig & Save. We were about to leave when the sirens started going off so I decided to sit tight. Luckily, Ruby fell asleep in the mei tai and we had a really nice & safe afternoon.

James & I were just over on our neighbor's steps and I said we should get back because I was getting hungry. A couple of minutes later James says, "Michelle? Can you please go inside and get my mom a snack - like a sandwich or something - so we can stay all day?" heehee.

Ruby just got up from her nap and is claiming that there is a bug following her through the house, wanting to get her. She wants to cuddle the bug but only if it will stop following her. (it's a fly) She also wanted to cuddle a daddy long legs earlier and a wee potato yesterday. She is feeling the love these days, I guess.

I pulled a whole laundry basket full of weeds this morning, which was my goal. That's not all of them either! Holy weeds. I am glad we're not using any pesticides but we really need to do a soil test to see what our poor dirt is needs something. Maybe a nice layer of compost will help. Ours is not ready yet but our composter is filling up remarkably fast. I need to go to Heidi's and get some dead leaves because we need some brown stuff in there with all our fruit & veggie scraps. (only one small tree = not very many leaves to rake)

This weekend I told Patrick I thought we should get a composting toilet. (I will tell you about the book I read later, it was so good, but I forgot the name) He said he could just switch some pipes around so all of our waste would drain into the washing machine (since I might as well start hand washing our clothes, too) and I could just put it on spin and then pump it out onto the grass. HAHAHAHAHA!

I have to go now, but some quick Ruby things for memory's sake:

-saying, "Don't talk to me! I'm a bad guy!" and sticking her hip out in a way that has us all imitating her

-saying, "Oh, man!" when something is not working out

-Last night I asked her if she liked nursing still. She said, "I love nursing, mom."

-She suddenly asked me my name the other day, as if it just occurred to her that I have one

-Every time we get in the car she says, "Turn a music on, mama"

-I walked in from the store last night and Patrick & James were playing legos in the living room. Ruby yells down, "Baby had to peeeeee" We run is shoved in the toilet hole up to her neck. Thank God she didn't flush.


  1. Well you know we all have to go pee sometime;) Check out my blog for pee stories.

    Glad you made it through the storms ok.


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