worth the wait

lunch with husband: $30
numerous items at d&s: $12
groceries for 1 week: $156 (plus non-monetary benefit of selecting at leisure)
iced coffee: $3 (plus non-monetary benefit of sipping alone, in sunshine, with pen in hand)
new camera & extended accidental drop coverage: $200

having a wednesday afternoon to myself: priceless

I enjoyed my day. I did all my "have to" list, nixing the swim lesson sign up after talking more with Patrick, and everything on my "want to" list except making a list of sewing projects. Maybe tomorrow. I did nothing on my "should do" list and am just fine with that. I needed a break today and I got it. I could feel myself relaxing before I hit the highway.

I am really excited to have a new camera on the way from Best Buy. I wanted to stay in the tiny camera family so I went with another Sony Cybershot (like our last 2), but with one in a lower price bracket that still had excellent reviews and everything I really want. Some day I may switch to a SLR but for these fun & busy days with the kidlets, I want small. And cheap, I decided, as I am pretty hard on them with near daily use and lots of toting around. And it's blue! xoxo


  1. Good for you! I am glad that you had a good day. And CONGRATS on the new camera!!!

    I would NEVER be without a small one. I love my SLR, but I also love my small one and use them both all the time. I know that you will not be sorry to have a small one.

  2. Sweet camera! Nice work, Stephanie! I have been rallying hard to get a new camera ever since our trip to WI, but alas, the recent car accident will set us back several hundred dollars so I no longer have a case for a new camera. Sigh. Oh, well.


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