you picked a fine time to leave me, sucille

I hope all of you know I was (mostly) kidding about my mom yesterday. She was driving me nuts, with her incessant ironing and passing curtains to me, but she didn't really have to leave, she could have just made herself scarce for a little while. But, leave she did, and we all miss her. Come back, mother, I am lost without you. sob. (that was really just for her benefit, she thrives on that sort of crap.)

We had a wonderful weekend. Here's a little recap, so she doesn't forget it all. Oh wait, it's her hearing that's going, not her memory. hehe, silly me. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

  • hit d&s for a little while
  • went to the playground at the zoo and then for a long walk/scooter ride along Lake Wingra and then to the other playgrounds at the zoo where James learned how to get up onto a low bar, hang by his knees, and flip himself off. (that was really fun to see him learn that)
  • brought mom & kids home, changed, and went to meet Patrick for a birthday dinner. My little bunny is 37 this year! We went to the Melting Pot and spent a lot of money for a good, but not fabulous as we cooked most of it ourselves, meal. I've decided it was worth it because we had so much fun. Then we saw Indiana Jones. Fun, also. xoxo
  • My mom was having such a grand time "putzing around" so I let her continue. This putzing results in my kitchen being really clean so I'm all for it. I planted some bushes and we basically just hung out until Ruby went down for her nap. Then, we hit the big dig. We spent a few hours (I had to drag her out of there) digging and I got lots of good clothes/fabric for $8.00, including those lovely t shirts I mentioned earlier. I called Patrick and he had taken the kids to devil's lake so my mom and I went to Anthropologie (cute stuff, but really too expensive, and the one pair of pants I would have splurged on were all gone in my size), Trader Joes and the book store. good times.
  • Sunday morning my mom mowed most of the lawn while I made my special deluxe waffles for lunch. After we ate, I finished the lawn and put Ruby down for her nap. Patrick took James on a little day of adventure and I started on my t shirts. I should mention that I did all of those with Steam a Seam - sewing required! You just cut it out and iron it holds really well. This is really a project that anyone can do. My mom got a little punchy as the afternoon wore on and had a harder and harder time keeping her opinions to herself. She liked most of what I made except for the pink one, which I haven't shown you yet. Oh horror...I used an old sheet on it! Whatever mom, get with the vintage sheet revolution!!!
  • Patrick & James got home at around 6 and Patrick and I then left to go take down this swing set we bought for the kids. A couple weeks ago I went to a plant sale and noticed a nice but neglected metal swing set in this lady's back yard. I left her a little note inquiring if by chance it was for sale. It was! So, we got it and decided we're going to paint it blue (it is maroon) before we put it back up.
  • Really, what can I say about Monday? I sewed curtain after curtain in a hostile environment while listening to my kids scream and my mother all but yodel. Glad that's over.

p.s. That first picture is very exciting to me...our lilac bush that some friends gave us actually bloomed! I wasn't sure if it would this year. It's lovely.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I love the swing set!


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