ahhhhhh CHOO

I cannot stop sneezing. For the first time I think I'll be taking a Claritin due to outside stuff, normally it's just when I'm around cats or dogs. geez.

We are meeting Heidi at the fabric store. 5 kids and one bag of licorice...we should be alright.

Here are a few pictures of the last couple days:

found this at d&s...it's chipped a little but I LOVE it
also found this old pie plate that day
she looks so sad but really she just doesn't want me to change her diaper

all about the silly faces these days
james, making his own breakfast sausage

I just have to add that I got groceries at Woodman's last night and couldn't believe how cheap everything seemed. See, I've been shopping in town for the last month probably (aside from a couple trips to Cub) and thought stuff was a little more expensive but the cost of driving to Madison would be more. UH-UH. I was nearly euphoric throwing stuff in my cart and my family was so excited to have some of our normal staples back like soy yogurt! Weeeee!


  1. Isn't it crazy how cheap Woodman's is? I hate shopping there, but I love my total at the end.

    I hear you on the allergies. I don't usually have problems, but this summer has been AWFUL.

  2. Great photos of Ruby. I love the sad one. You can SOOO tell she is putting it on:)

    Woodman's sucks and rocks at the same time. I used to hate to go there, but now I like it because it is just cheaper.

  3. Just making sure you're watching Project Runway.


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