at the playground

After a reeeeeealy long night (each child waking up 3x, at least!) I decided we needed to get out and meet some friends. We went to the playground by the zoo. My kids wanted to eat before getting down to business.
boy train
Ruby kept calling this little girl a kook head. We might tease too much at home.

An unexpected bonus...the Art Cart was visiting and James got to help paint the famous shoe slide!

The leaders were very patient with him even though he was their last painter before lunch and really wanted to ask them about everything. (You can find their daily schedule here)

It's always a treat to see this little muffin. He only has eyes for his mama.

I could end this post here but I would be leaving out how James left the zoo bathroom without asking me and I scolded him and he stuck his tongue out at me. So we left. I don't have any pictures of that part.

I was feeling too poor to have Kelsey come over today (50 clams) but kept thinking of how Patrick was going to be in Milwaukee for a dive trip all day on Saturday. Suddenly, I remembered a pair of shoes that I needed to return that would all but foot (ha!) the bill for the sitter today. She'll be here in a while and I am really looking forward to a little break.

I have finally committed to my new camera and cut the tag off of it. I have decided I really like it and am soooo happy to have it, it just needs some more memory. (on my list for today!) I'm going to sew myself a little camera case soon.

Have a good Wednesday. xoxo


  1. You forgot to say you made that Way Cute shirt on that Way Cute baby.

    Get a 1 gb if you can. You will almost never run out of space.

    Hope you have a nice day.

  2. Oh my word, 50 dollars? This is why I dont have a babysitter. I couldn't afford it. LOL


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