at the spray park

the placement:

and away!A new spray park opened in Middleton...really nice. James loved it.

Ruby? Not so much, but she was fine hanging on out with me.
They have a nice playground, too.
And lots of cute kids to play with. :)

On the dock these boys offered to show us their catch.
Then they asked if I'd take their pictures with them. Really cute.So proud...

Then they got silly, as boys will do.
My kids thought they were great.

And then we went home.
Loved it! xoxox


  1. Sounds and looks like it was a wonderful time!!!
    When did Ruby grow up?! She looks like such a big girl now. I love her flowing curls. What a cutie pie!!
    And aren't you so sweet to take pictures of the boys with their prize fish. They looked so proud ... and silly with those fishy kisses. ;-)
    I hope we can do a repeat of that park. I'm bummed my kids and I missed such a fun outing.

  2. Those fountain type parks are the BEST--for kids of all sizes I think. Then throw in a fish or two and y'all had heaven within your grasp. :)

    Ruby's hair is getting so long! Pretty!

  3. Fun! Where is that one? Was it super packed? :)

  4. I'm so jealous! Looks like you all had a blast.

    You're a braver woman than me. You couldn't catch me that close to a fish! Ick.

  5. Denise: It is at Lakeview park in Middleton, off of Mendota Drive. It wasn't too packed and that park itself is awesome...really big with lots of nice areas.

  6. Thanks for sharing your day. I think that the boys and I will be going to that park next week. Hopefully the weather will be as nice as today.

  7. Cute pics! I wish we had a spray park in my town.


  8. Oooh neat! I'll have to check it out with my little one on a hot and sticky day. The pictures of those boys and the story is so sweet:)


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