I've been following along as some inspiring bloggers have been engaging in a wordplay.

Their word for the last round was bloom. For the first time, I paid attention to that word in and of itself and realized how lovely it is.

I was inspired in my own way to appliqué the word onto a tshirt with some of my favorite floral fabric. I put one version up for sale in my Etsy shop and would like to offer the other one here, as a giveaway. Yay! A free gift! No purchase necessary! It is a Gap Stretch t shirt, size Large, and measures 40" around the chest. There is a tiny hole in the seam of the left arm that isn't hardly noticeable and could probably be sewn shut, if you had matching thread, which I don't. :) I have to warn you that this shirt isn't was my first one and is kind of funny, especially on the inside or if you look too closely. From a distance, and hopefully most people are noticing your chest from a distance, I think it's pretty cute. (toot, toot!)

Anyways, if you're interested, leave me a comment and I'll pick a lucky winner on Friday. Make sure and leave your email address if you're not a blogger, friend, or relative.

You can see the other version here and a different one here and some other old stuff I'm selling here.



  1. It's adorable Stephanie . . . if I win, I would give it to my mom because she's a gardener and she looks perfect in pink!

  2. Add me in and can I buy the s yellow one you have for sell? I love it. I want to try it on, but I hope it might fit. Never know. I also LOVE the blue Bloom, but it is to big for me (sniff, sniff)

    Great Job!!!!

    Oh and can I link to you on my blog? I know that I get some other people that you do not get, and maybe some of them will be interested.

  3. Stephanie,
    I REALLY like the t-shirts you are making and inspiring! Don't put my name in the drawing (the shirt won't fit me), but I was wondering if you would consider a trade - a bracelet for the blue bloom shirt. If not I really would like to buy the blue bloom shirt. Think about it and get back to me...

  4. cousin catherineSun Jul 20, 12:43:00 PM

    Hi Stephanie,
    My name is Catherine and I am Zoe's cousin and am a great fan of hers. Add me to the give-a-raffle and i'd buy one in a S too. I also have one friend who is pregnant, and another who just delivered a baby boy, so you have to make something for the little guy so i can give you the business and them a gift! thanks so much!

  5. Hi! I am a blog friend of Zoe's. She said we should all come and enter your giveaway! I love the's so cute. You did a great job...such clever idea.


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