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I am feeling much better this evening. (so is james as you can see.) (actually he's sleeping off his first shandy right now) (hee!)

Thanks for the comments about my girl. (I deleted that post, btw) Ruby got a cut on her foot yesterday afternoon but it looked fine at bedtime last night. By mid-morning today it was swelled up like a little balloon, hot & bright red. Poor girl. After 2 doses of amoxicillin it looks so much better already.

My inlaws are visiting until Wednesday so I might not be around much. I did upload a bunch of low resolution, craptastic pictures from our very un-craptastic weekend. They were from that last camera. I have the new one now and think it's cute but am mourning my old camera. Today is not the day to be trying out something as important to me as a camera so I put it aside until I'm feeling a little more positive.

some cute things:

R: I miss my James! Bring me my James!

J: (to me & P when he found us laying on our bed midday) Awww, I love you two guys.

Ruby has real honest to goodness nightmares now about guys standing on tables and birds and things. It's sad and she gets to come in our bed when it happens. The other night James comes creeping into our room about 10 minutes after going to bed.

J: I had a bad dream.
S&P: what was it?
J: It was about a guy. A guy turned our TV on and didn't turn it off.
S&P: Oh my, that sounds horrible.
J: Yeah, it used a TON of power and no one was even watching it. It was a nightmare.
S&P: Go to bed. Nice try.

We did give him bonus points for making it a "green" nightmare.



  1. Way to go James being Green so early in life;) Very cute. Glad Ruby is doing better.

  2. Love the Shandy pic, we love the Shandy. LOL Glad Ruby's foot is better. That's always scary when it seems like nothing and then whoa it's definitely something.


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