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Last Sunday night I stopped to pick some wild flowers by the side of the road and noticed some bramble berries growing all along the edge of a bike trail that passes by. I plucked a few ripe ones and made a note to check back. The kids and I went back this morning and even though I got, oh a hundred, hundred fifty mosquito bites, it was well worth it. I took one for our team I guess as neither Ruby nor James have a bite on them. The good news is mine aren't itching too bad (right now) and we have a couple cups of delicious berries. We would have had more but Ruby is nuts about them and would scoop out a whole little handful every time she got the chance. By the time we got back to the van I was doing that half-crazed swatting at nothing you know what I mean? Those bugs were awful!

Another delightful thing that I just can't keep to myself anymore is that chances are good that James will be doing a dairy challenge soon. We got his RAST results and his number is low enough that I think the allergist will let him try cow's milk. OF COURSE our doctor is out of town until next Thursday so I will have to wait for confirmation until then. And even if we do get to schedule one he might not tolerate it...I must remember that. Either way, this is encouraging news because his numbers lowered a lot in the last year. I'll post later about his egg (lower) & peanut (slightly up due to reaction last july) numbers later.

Ruby is sleeping and James is next door playing with Jilly & Jenna. Rachel called to invite him and he nearly flew out the door when he heard. While he's been gone I picked up the downstairs and sewed him a pair of pj pants. I tend to get the rise too short but this pair looks okay. Wouldn't want to squish the boys. ;)

I put a bunch of pictures over on flickr, including one of a useless but cute bag I made this morning. I had been saving the t shirt for a while and recently picked up the polka dotted fabric that I lined it with. It's kind of too small, the strap is too short, and it is too floppy, but I like it. I wish I knew an 8 year old girl. I think it would be perfect for an 8 year old girl.

Have a good weekend! xoxo


  1. Oh, good. I grew up with lactose intolerance AND milk allergy...lots'o'fun, let me tell ya. I can only drink milk now if it is raw or organic (only a bit at a time), but it is nice to be able to eat ice cream or sour cream! :)


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