So, I know you're all wondering how our trip to the fabric store went. Well, it was very successful in that Heidi picked out some beautiful fabric for her mei tai. It was very horrible in that Ruby had the mother of all screaming fits at the end and I had to whisk her out of the store while dozens of sets of eyes watched. Thankfully she calmed quickly once we were outside so I could follow suit. When Heidi came out a few minutes later bearing a cold Diet Coke I could have kissed her. On the lips. :) From there we went to the playground and had a really nice afternoon talking while the kids played.

I did forget to eat much of anything all day until I came down with a killer headache around 4pm. A huge chicken, avocado & tomato sandwich took care of that (almost immediately) so I packed up a supper for Patrick & the kids, dropped them off with him, and went to craft night at Zoe's.

A new friend I met through Zoe, Kari, had asked if I would trade her a Bloom t shirt for one of her beautiful beaded/knitted bracelets. Heck yeah! Last night I got to bring her said shirt, the shirt for Zoe that she had won, and another yellow t shirt that Zoe wanted to buy if it fit her. It fit alright, like a glove! I can't even tell you how fun it was to see them all try on their t shirts! And they liked them and want me to make them more! Awwww, thanks guys. Later I asked if they'd put them on again for a picture. Mary (on the left) is wearing the shirt Zoe won so Zoe could show off her rack & tiny waist in the yellow one. :) Kari is on the right. Don't they look cute?
The kidlets and I are staying home today so I can rest. I always seem to like a day at home after a busy one. Does that mean I'm old? So be it. My house is also trashed, along with the yard, so there is plenty to do once I am sick of resting. (ha!)

I found this hand carved wooden bowl at d&s a while back and fell immediately in love. I filled it with a bunch of sea shells & rocks that I've collected over the years and the kids love going through it and adding new stuff that they find outside. (like old pens & beer cans) I was leaving it down where they could dig in it whenever they wanted but have you ever stepped on a petrified clam shell? So not good. So so so much worse than a lego.



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