happily imprisoned

Here is where I have been since 10:00 this morning:

Here is where my kids are:

I wasn't sure if they'd leave me alone but Kelsey is doing a great job of keeping them occupied. Or else they just don't care that I'm up here because they have their Kelsey. (this morning Ruby was saying, "bring me my kelsey, mom")

So far I've finished paying our bills and done lots of sewing. I wanted to get stuff listed on ebay & etsy but the time seems to slip by so fast. The morning has been wonderful, though, with a nice breeze blowing in the window, good music playing, iced coffee, chocolate, and the hum of the sewing machine...very relaxing. (with a few curses thrown in here and there for good measure.) (mostly having to do with the seam ripper)


  1. Love the new photo and color! Good for you, can I bring you some stuff to work on;) LOL just kidding, it would not be the same if you did all my projects for me..... right????


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