I really can't believe it's noon on Monday. Here are some highlights from the weekend...I have a lot more that I'll hopefully put on flickr later. (sadly, most of my pictures from Ada's party didn't turn out.)

dinner with my beloved cousins
picnic lunch & concert in Paoli

county fair
can't believe the rides he went on
could hardly stand to watch this
but did
still a favorite
monday morning in the yard

what patrick did...xoxoxo


  1. Looks like a nice weekend. Way to go Patrick!

  2. From the pics it looks like it was a great weekend! How does someone learn to do an act like that on the wheel?! Crazy!

  3. When were you at the fair? We saw that guy perform too as we went to get cotton candy...sure he performed a bit all weekend though. Saw the motorcycles for a minute as well before heading off to see animals! :)


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