it's all good

Whatever odd thing was going on this morning has ended. Man, that felt creepy!

I wanted to pop in quickly because I won't be around much tomorrow. We are leaving early in the morning to attend a birthday party for a very special one year old. After that we'll come home so I can pick up the house a little as I found out that 2 of my beloved cousins are stopping by for the night on their way to Milwaukee! Yay! I love my cousins and love, love, love to see them. The lucky girls are traveling sans kids, too! As much as I love the wee ones it is always fun to have time to catch up without them around. (except for mine, of course, since they live here but Patrick, God bless him, will be around.)

Patrick is going on a wreck dive on Saturday in Milwaukee. It's been canceled twice so I am glad he finally gets to do it even though we will all miss him terribly.

I took this picture of my sweet wind chimes earlier thinking that I really needed to find a new place for them.

Late this afternoon Ruby plucked each of those center things right off, rendering it mute. sigh. Guess that problem was solved for me, too. (haha)

And, just because I love it, James' lower back:
so sweet.


Last night at bedtime, rocking Ruby:

R: Let me down, mama.
S: No, honey, it's time to go night night.
R: Let me down.
S: Shhhhhh. Should I sing one more song?
S: ohhhhhh. right.

Tonight at bedtime, tickling her belly with my head:

R: I'm not going to bed!
R: Move your head from me!

Ruby definitely has 2 of her canines through now and MAN has she been back to her sweet old self the last week. It's been like vacation around here! Oh sure, she still shrieks and throws fits and begs for licorice but it's nothing like it had been during our previous dark moments.

Alright, I am off to bed with my big pile of library books!


  1. Hope you had lots of fun reading!

  2. I love the sweet things they say at this age. I was upset with James the other day and he came to me and stroked my shoulder and said "Ok, Mommy, OK." I almost DIED.


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