Oh my. I hit some sort of wall today, hard. It all started out good and then our plans for the weekend changed and Ruby wouldn't take a nap and it all just went to hell from there. I tried to recoup several times and finally managed to get us out of the house. We ended up at McDonald's where I bought my children happy meals and $1 pairs of McDonald socks so they could climb in the plastic toddler tubes. ?!

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to pout. Nothing was how I wanted it!!! Me! Me! Me! I tried for a while only to be reminded that it's not really very satisfying. sigh. Now typing it all out, saying it out loud to Patrick, and getting my kids to bed makes me feel better. So now instead of pouting I want to forgive myself, think about what is really important and thank God that tomorrow is a new day. And thank Him twice as much for getting me through this one.



  1. Good way to look at it. Glad you made it through. (think about how bad it could have been if you had not stuck with it and got them out of the house.)

  2. ack, I have those days too . . . what a bummer. Hope your night got better when the babes went to bed! Maybe we'll see you tomorrow? Must.truck.on.


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