We are having such a nice time in Duluth (again with the beautiful weather) that we've decided to stay until the fun stops or Sunday, whichever comes first.

There has been lots of rock throwing (I love that sound of a big rock plopping right into the lake), camping in grandpa's back yard (complete with marshmallows, hot dogs & a 5am thunderstorm), kayaking, a trip for me down grandpa's stairs (see above) (please excuse the ratty toenails & flip flops) , a failed beach attempt with Ruby on a really hot day right at her nap time (duh!), strolling (limping) down the lakewalk, a fabulous lunch date for Patrick & I, Shamrock Pizza, fun/crazy family bed, and trips to Gooseberry Falls and Brighton Beach.

Have you ever been to Duluth? It's kind of awesome. xoxo


  1. Sounds great! I am glad you are having fun. See you when you get back.


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