why stop now?

Ruby and I are wrapping up our nursing relationship. She is all but finished, only asking a couple times and actually nursing once in the last week. I still plan to let her try if she asks (and can't be persuaded to have something else) but am thinking that my milk days are almost over. Or, was thinking, until I saw this:

Now I realize we might have 5, maybe 6, good years left.

I'm kidding. I really can't imagine joking with James & Ruby about how much they love my nipples and having their art work of them on the fridge. Maybe I need to loosen up the old bra straps a little.

Or not.


  1. Oh lordy, did you have to remind me about that movie? lol

  2. Good for her! Not so go for me;) I do not think I would want to do it that often, but if you decide that is right for you and Ruby I will support you;)

  3. OMG I can't belive that that movie is popping up again!!! I mean, too each his own, but uh . . . . ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


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