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Last winter Ruby spilled some washable (ha!) finger paint on a little red plaid dress that Susan had given us. I tried everything to get that out and finally ended up setting the dress aside in my "project" pile downstairs. Do you have a pile like that? A bunch of clothes that need mending or hemming or are too stained to wear but you can't bear getting rid of them? Um, I do. Anyways, that little red dress inspired this scarf that I finished today.

Our library page, Chelsea, is leaving for college (in Duluth!) in a couple of weeks and her going away party is Saturday night. I wanted to make her a little something and this is what I decided on. Duluth can be chilly and I hope this will help keep her a bit cozier as she's walking to class. The back is fleece and all the front fabrics are from my stash. She has a really cool style and I hope that she will at least consider wearing this. I have to admit it was kind of daunting to make something for a teenager, even one as sweet & cool as Chelsea. (read: it made me feel OLD)

Since the front of the dress was stained I had to use the back, the plaid piece on the bottom with the buttons. I am so happy with how it turned out...she can unbutton that middle button and stash some cash or a cel phone inside. I am definitely going to make more of these. Lots more. Expect to see many, many more...maybe in my Etsy shop.

(or I will lose interest next week but hopefully not before I sew up the other 4 (different ones) that I already cut out!)
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  2. That is awesome! Way to go. And how crafty are you to think of a hidden pocket for money or a cell phone?! I think she'll love it.
    I loved that little dress and I'm so thrilled that you found a way to recycle it. :)

  3. (Man I am so lazy about email that I am putting this here instead, lol.)

    I just saw an ad in the Sunday paper for some new granola bars that have a probiotic in them. An easy way for a diary free kid to get probiotics! Woooooohoooo.

    (Coupon in the sunday insert this weekend too.)


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