breaking in (poop)

I'm putting a moratorium on my vow for the day. I hope to exercise later but James is still feeling Lousy and I realize I must have zero expectations about getting stuff done if I want this day to pass by pleasantly. (as pleasantly as possible, given the circumstances.) Yesterday I had planned on taking us to the park and when James shat himself (poor buddy) for the first time I realized we should probably stay home. Then I started thinking about everything I could get done. Ha. How long have I been parenting?

Last night was really, really nice but I can't blog anymore right now. James is laying on the bed behind me and totally gassing us both out.

I know, how sick is all of this?? You might not want to read here for the next couple days. I'm going to put a disclaimer in my post title. If you see the word poop, feel free to move on.

p.s. Sarah, do probiotics help with poop issues? Thank you all for your comments yesterday. I was extremely close to the edge and sometimes venting really helps. I know I am not a particularly gracious vent-er, though. :)


  1. Boy oh boy do I hope that this passes (sorry for that) soon. Maybe Ruby will be an angle today (fingers crossed) Good luck and call if you need someone to cry...I mean talk to.

  2. Stephanie, they will absolutely help with the pooping problems. And they work very fast. Plus, you dont have the worries of stopping him up with something like immodium which just traps whatever nasty bacteria he might have.

    For a kid I might be inclined to give him one of those expensive probiotic fancy pants yogurts. (Activia or something?) For myself, I just take a pill every day.

    I think you can also buy liquid probiotics that you mix in with other foods, but that would require a health food store and blah blah blah. Too complicated.

    Also though, have you called the ped? What if he has e coli or salmonella? It worries me a little. (PLus they could tell you if he could handle a probiotic tablet.)

  3. P.S. I know he is potty trained and all, but maybe he wants to wear a pull up right now? It would give Jack a lot of anxiety to be pooping himself.

  4. Middle is still unwell also...I'm giving him the BRAT diet but he keeps eating things like donuts.

  5. I hate those illnesses that are so crazy like that. BLECH. We do probiotics and it has helped during those times too...we have the capsules and I just make smoothies for the kids and open one of those and pour the powder in before blending. Works great.

    Hope things are getting better!!!


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