busy, busy, busy

an outtake of James, male model:
It's been a good but busy day around here. I watched my friend's son for a few hours this morning and then nearly collapsed with hunger right as he was leaving. Too busy to eat! I wolfed down some leftovers from last night, read to the kids, put Ruby down, golfed with James, and felt so much better. (I just have to mention our delicious dinner last night...steak, mashed red potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh tomato & cucumber salad. (thanks susan!) Yum!)

I finally got a few things listed in my etsy shop and that feels goo-ood. It's really easy to do but is still one of those things that I just put off. The few sales I've made have been happy surprises so I want to keep at it.

As a side note, don't worry about Patrick. I tend to be sarcastic and joke about things when they are not a big deal to me...this game playing is so not a big deal. I am actually happy that he is down there playing instead of working, which is what he usually does. It's all good. (for now.) ha!



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