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Does anyone else find that you look at your life with new eyes after being gone from it for a while?

Patrick drove most of the way home on Sunday leaving me with 6 or so hours to read magazines and think. About myself. How novel. I didn't have any earth shattering revelations but I did realize that I am missing a couple things in my life. Missing both as lacking and yearning for. I want to exercise. I want to want to exercise. I want to think it's important enough to make time for it. To not blog or go meet friends or go to dig & save unless I've done that for myself first. I want to get in the habit of it and crave it. I know I can get there, I have before, but how can I stay there? Any tips? I'd hate to make myself accountable and say that I won't blog until I've exercised every day because I might go weeks without coming back here. heehee. Actually, I just used our On Demand feature and did a 30 minute aerobic workout. James was having his quiet time in the living room and would periodically look over from his Lincoln Logs to ask me what I was doing and why did I have soup cans in my hands. I huffed at him to mind his own business or join me and oh, could he bring me some water?

Alright. For one week I will try it. I am not going to blog until I've exercised. Every day. Whether it be a walk, floor stretching or a TV show like today, I am going to do something every day this week or I don't blog. (p.s. mind you, I don't normally blog on the weekends anyways!)

That was the biggest thing I got out of those 6 hours. (probably more like 1 because I did read 3 magazines front to back.) I also had the urge to go through the kids toys again and did so last night, getting rid of 2 brown bagfulls of junky toys. While I did this I watched 2 glorious hours of reality TV and boy did that feel good, too. Project Runway and Tori & Dean. I hate how Dean left his wife for Tori but I can't help but like him after seeing this show. Who am I to judge? Does anyone else like this show?

Boy, are my dogs barking. I guess it's really my thighs and they are more like howling.

Other fascinating facts about my life:
  • Patrick is working late tonight
  • Kelsey is coming on Thursday (yay!)
  • Patrick got Picasa and my printer both working again. This is huge, especially the printer. I thought he just had to download some drivers to get our HP printer to work with Linux but I guess it is quite the undertaking. I'm so glad he did it for me.
  • James & Ruby play camping almost every day, even before they actually went camping last week. Last night Patrick set up the big tent in the basement so they can really camp. It is chock full of stuff and James keeps thumping down the stairs with more.
  • I forgot my camera cord in Duluth. It's attached to your computer, Mom, will you send it please?
  • Ruby has had explosive bum issues since Sunday. No new activity today so my hopes are high that it has passed. (ha!)
  • I can't find my Oxi Clean. This is not good. We are out of toilet paper, too. And the kleenex is nearly gone. (I buy cheap napkins so going there is not an option.)
I have to go contribute to the Lincoln Log castle and take a shower. I hope you are all having good days. xoxo

p.s. See you next Monday! haha!

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  1. Anytime you want to walk I am up for a walk.... What would I do to put off working out if I did not have your blog to read;) Just kidding, but really, I would love to go on walks with you.

  2. I usually watch Tori and Dean when they air those weekend marathons.

    Good luck with the exercise. I wish I wanted to exercise too.



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