gooseberry falls state park

One day of our trip was reserved for Gooseberry Falls. The park has been a favorite place of mine for years and I have especially fond memories of one of my first dates (the second time around) with Patrick there. He was home on leave and looked me up after not having really spoken for the4 previous years. We had a couple dates around town and then headed up the North Shore for a hike. There was a fallen log across the trail at some point that was maybe 4 feet off the ground. When we got to it, he put his hands on it and just vaulted over like it was nothing. I was smitten. Uh. You strong male. Me like. You know, attraction at the most basic level but I loved it. (I will try to stop with the caveman references now.) (and yes, I exercised.)

When you get to the park you can go up for a scenic view of the falls or down to get right in on the action. There is a fairly big area at both the Middle and Lower falls with lots of rocks for climbing where you aren't in any immediate danger of going over. We hung out there for quite a while and eventually Ruby just fell asleep right on Patrick's shoulder. We had a snack and then put her in the Mei Tai for a hike out to the lake. I think it's about a mile and a half, a really nice hike, although watch your kids because the trail drops off steeply in some areas.

We were there on a gorgeous day and it was sunny but a little cool and windy right on the lake. The beach is mostly rocks with tons of driftwood. James started "helping" these two kids right away and ended up hanging out with them the whole time we were there. Patrick, Ruby and my Dad just relaxed on the beach while I took a little walk through some woods over to the lava flow on the other side. (last picture) The lake was so blue and beautiful. The stone & chain fence shown runs along the edge of the lava flow and I just sat there staring into the water for the longest time.

We realized there was a parking lot right there on our way can drive directly to the beach. I never knew that! I definitely enjoyed the hike there but was kind of scared a couple of times. We hiked out by road because we were all pooped and it was a lot faster. It's takes about an hour to drive from Duluth. If you're nearby, try not to miss it.
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  1. Simon and I were just looking at your pictures. He said,"go up, go down, go up. That's the one. That really looks like fun. Someday can we do that?" It was the picture of James in playing on the rocks and in the water. Now we have a new adventure to plan - maybe next summer.

  2. Thank you for that wonderful story of Patrick, I so know when I fell for Mark and it is nice to know others have had that Ahah moment.

  3. Zoe - I know when you fell for Mark, too. beep beep! :)

    Kari - you have to go is sooooo much fun!

  4. Oh, looks like a great spot!


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