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I have had 2 busy days in a row and now tomorrow I get one off. I am meeting with Kari to pick up a gorgeous bracelet she made me in exchange for a bloom tshirt and then going to have lunch with my husband. How fun!

I find myself going back and forth between being excited for fall & school starting and sad about it. This summer has been a good one. Having James around every day has been really nice. I wonder how he's going to feel being shipped off all of a sudden. He was ready for a break last spring but I'm hoping he'll end up loving it as much this year as he did last year. I am looking forward to the quiet mornings with Ruby...she normally is a pretty happy girl in the morning, just lost in her little games. I want to try doing what I did most of the mornings last year...not much. I'm sure that since he'll be at preschool 4 mornings instead of 2 that I'll use at least one of them to do errands but I just want to enjoy that quieter house as much as possible. And my little Rubles.

Patrick cemented the swing set in tonight and I put the finishing touches on the other glider. He said he'd attach that one tomorrow and then that big job will be finished. Although we got a decent deal and saved something from going to the was a lot of work!

I am using my clothesline every day and just love it. The only drawback...stuff dries so darn quick that I always have to have a basket of folded laundry to put away. When I use my downstairs lines it can just sit there until I want to go get it. :) Not a bad problem to have, though. I just put our sweet smelling sheets on the bed and am down right giddy about getting into them.

I realize I am kind of rambling. It's late and I want to get a little reading in before bed. I did the Yogilates workout this evening and find it to be so relaxing. My body is loving the stretch and I'm feeling pretty good about all of this. Between On Demand and the library there is such a variety of things I can try. I have exercised on and off my whole adult life and the times I've felt the best were the "on" times. Patrick is being really supportive and keeps mentioning my buns of steel and things like that. ha! Trust me, there are no buns of steel on this body but it's the thought that counts. (I haven't lost any weight (am focusing on exercise first, then will try to change bad eating habits one by one) but I do feel a bit stronger already.) (I could squat and dig through boxes at dig & save for longer than ever before!) (Is that sad? I'm okay with that.) xoxo

Oh wait! My mom has been at my sister's for the last week and a half and should be back at work tomorrow. Hi Mom! xoxo

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  1. You know that you have buns of steel, right now they are just a bit shy and hiding;) That is what I say about my washboard tummy. You are doing a great job!!!

    If you go to Kari's house have her show you the cool quilt top she did yesterday when she was here.

  2. I love that guitar shot! That is a favorite activity here too. Cute!

  3. thanks for the encouragement, Zoe. :)

    Aren't they way too cute with little guitars?


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