ankle biter
where is everyone?

A few more pictures from yesterday for starters.

Yesterday was also our 13th anniversary! Kate & Oliver watched the kids for a couple hours last night so we could have a romantic dinner at...Quaker Steak & Lube! Wha?! I know. That place was not a good choice but I had never been there and it was close to Patrick's office so I suggested it. We almost left but then our buzzer went off and hunger won out. We ended up with a Harley over our head, the guy next to us sucking wings clean and talking about all the pooping he would be doing today (not. kidding.) and a hair in my quesadilla. Nice. I shared Patrick's onion rings and cheeseburger and that was pretty tasty. At the end of the meal they gave us a scratch off ticket and a survey. (ha!) Patrick wondered what the prize would be...buy one hair get one free? Nice. We laughed a lot and went for a long walk afterwards. Halfway through the meal I thought that I should have showed up in my wedding dress. Oh my gosh, he would have DIED. Maybe next year. We said a quick prayer before we ate (pre-hair discovery or I wouldn't have been as thankful for my meal), "Thank you Lord for this food and for the last 13 years together." Amen to that.

Other random things that have cracked me up lately.

J: Mom, we are best friends. You can play with me whenever you want because I pretty much play every day here.

Patrick saying we could stage a mock birth after I said that was one thing I would be sad not to experience again.

R: (in the sand box) EWWWW! This is not really a cake! (uh, no kidding, Rubes.)

R: (to anyone listening) I'm going to fly you in my hopacopter and kick you in the jet! (sweet thing)

more later. xoxo
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  1. Glad you had a nice night out. I want a photo if you show up in your wedding dress;)

  2. I love it ..... ankle biter! My brain has really turned to mush since having children because I haven't thought of calling him that. I totally remember throwing that term around so loosely when I was a teenage babysitter. Oh if I only knew then what I know now!! hehehe ;)
    Ankles, toes, knees, shoulders ... it all hurts.
    Thanks for the smile Stephanie :)

    And Happy Anniversary!


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