hoo haa hoo haa

That is me telling myself to just breathe. Oh man. James has had a really upset stomach for the past couple days and is pooping nonstop. He has Desitin on his bum, that is how bad it is. He's pretty fine otherwise but understandably not quite himself...clingy and needy. (and messy, oh so messy.) Ruby is crabby and inpatient and is totally headed towards muzzle-ment. I am about ready to just explode right now. One of them is saying "mom" just about every minute. I'm not kidding. And then? When Ruby was finally sleeping and James was happily playing in his room and I was finally alone and exercising? Some moron (sorry) knocks on the door and wants me to buy some steaks so he doesn't have to haul them back to Steven's Point. WTF? Totally obvious & stupid sales ploy, my friend. And he had the nerve to tell me I looked tired! Well no shit I look tired. My kid is sick and I am freaking kickboxing in my 77 degree living room!!

Okay, so I already feel better. I'm going to wash my face, change my shirt and put on a happy face until Patrick gets home. Then I am bolting for the door. First stop, Barnes & Noble. Then Woodman's. I can't even tell you how heavenly that sounds.


  1. Hmm. I think Middle has the same virus. Here's hoping they're both better soon!

  2. Poor baby James, that sounds terrible. Can he take a probiotic?

    I always go to B&N when I am freaking out too. Well, if the thrift is closed. Ha.

  3. A door to door steak salesman?! Wow, I didn't realize that the local job market was so rough. Either that or he got fired for telling all the patrons at Starbucks that they looked tired. HAHAHAHA ;)
    I hope your evening at B&N and Woodmans is relaxing.
    I'm sending James good vibes to feel better soon. Did he have his dairy challenge yet?

  4. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  5. Sorry about your icky day Stephanie, poor james! When those steak guys come to our door I like to send them running "Hi,VEGETARIAN! Bye!" You should try it!

  6. Blech!

    Oooh - you get to leave the house without kids? Just for fun? Green with envy. My husband has a hard time handling two spunky boys at the same time unless there is a medical emergency or something. ;P Har har.


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