me build shelter, shelter good

I felt a little like Ma Ingalls or a cave woman or something after I made this shelter for my family at the beach last week. I had to walk half a mile or so to find these big logs (okay, big sticks) and then drag them all the way back to where Patrick was with the kids. I specifically looked for ones with branches near the top so they could be stuck together somehow and it ended up working so well.

I had grabbed my mom's fancy shmancy shelter (the green fabric you see in the pic) on our way out the door and realized when we got to the beach (the 15 minute driving taking an hour due to those flippin' tall ships) that the posts weren't in the bag! ARGH!!! First I called her to yell at her, just for fun, and then I got to work. When I returned with these logs Patrick was digging a big hole. Like a hole big enough for us to sit in, with the shelter fabric over the top. Um, yeah honey, a family of groundhogs we are not. My idea worked a lot better and even though he was testy for a while he came around and found another use for the hole.

We were lying in bed last night discussing which parts of our trip were our favorites and Patrick mentioned this day. He especially loved swimming in Lake Superior. I'm so thankful for this trip for a lot of reasons but a big one is that Patrick fell a little bit in love with some of my favorite things.


  1. Great job!

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