Park Point Duluth beach directions

If you're in Duluth and want to go to the beach, here's what you should do: Drive over the lift bridge. Keep driving. Drive past the 14th St. parking lot (by the Tot Lot playground) and keep driving. You'll come to a big parking area with a huge wooden ship & playground for the kids and the Beach House. It looks so fun! Keep Driving. Drive until you can't drive anymore, not much farther really, and park. You're by the airport. Walk over the dunes, look for the board much easier, and hit the beach. Wait! Pick up your stuff and keep walking. Walk for a long time, it just gets prettier and quieter as you go. Enjoy.


  1. Aaahhhhh the beach. That would be nice. Too bad the beach is 4 STINKING HOURS from Las Vegas!!!!! Enjoy it for me.

  2. I'll save these directions in case I'm ever over that way...

  3. I've been there! 9 years ago. It's time to go back. Each fall we say we want to go up to Duluth to enjoy the beauty...maybe this will be the year. If it looks like it's going to happen I'm going to email you for must see spots. Gooseberry Falls will be one for sure.

    BTW, love the shelter and the title for the post. :)

  4. Thanks, Darcy. Oh, I love gooseberry falls. I'll share my gooseberry pics if I exercise today. heehee.


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