This weekend was our local community picnic weekend so there was lots of fun stuff going on around town. I took James to the fireworks Friday night and they were awesome. He was so happy to be there, with his little bag of popcorn and the live music, that he just threw down his stuff and started boogieing. On Saturday Patrick put up this clothesline that Heidi had given me a while ago. Thank you Patrick and thank you, Heidi! I just love it and my neighbor and I have both been using it since then. I've seriously been looking around for stuff to wash and hang out. Might be the only time I've sighed from happiness instead of dread after Ruby has peed her crib. :)

(I had to show you this trashy corner of our yard. Compost bin (good), weeds (bad), little tykes car (getting rid of), garbage can full of dirt & weeds that has turned into a small tree (good (for a laugh)), dead grass that we decided is a good stand in for acupuncture when laid upon (good/bad), unpainted patio chair (sigh), slide (good.))

James isn't feeling very well today and you know what? Neither am I. I've had a headache I can't shake ever since lunch time. We did have a good morning, sitting in the backyard, looking at our new partially assembled swing set! Yay! It was a big job putting it back together but Patrick finally got started on Sunday. I supplied him with Gatoraid, donuts & loving encouragement while he worked.

I got a grocery list mostly written but had no desire to actually go purchase them. Maybe later.

And finally, dancing with the stars is harder than it looks. I tried their DVD this morning and it kicked my a**. Aerobics seems to be one thing but this! this was crazy. What was I thinking trying to do the paso doble & cha cha at 9am?! And the Jive? fuggedaboutit.
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  1. Yea! I bet the clothesline is much happier fulfilling it's true purpose in your yard, then laying in my dads garage for 10 years . . .Glad it makes you happy.

  2. I am SO SO SO jealous of your clothesline!!! I want one in a bad way. How trashy would it look if I tied a line from the gutter to a tree in our yard?! hahaha
    Congrats on getting all the projects done.
    I don't doubt that those DWTS dvd's are insanely hard. Look what it did for Marie Osmond! Doing The Jive and The Cha Cha at 9am - you are ambitous!! Either that or you make REALLY strong coffee. tee hee hee

  3. Great job this weekend!!! I love the swing set. That was a better chose then JoAnn's (as there was not really a sale this weekend, but next LOL Glad I did not talk you into going;).

    Hope you and James are feeling better soon.

  4. oh, i love your clothesline. we are not allowed to have them i have a few small portable lines that i drag out onto the deck to dry thing - but what a pain in the but. yours is nice and big. i'd be doing laundry all the time! ;)

    hope you are all feeling better.


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