(I have not exercised yet today but am planning on it later. Am loving kickboxing the last couple days though I sweat like a pig and can only do about 35 of the 45 minutes. May try to push through the pain later on.)

I got home last night, from a fun craft night where I got a lot of my "I am all of a sudden through with summer so I will make something for Halloween" project done, and saw my Charlie Brown tshirt sold! Yay, that is fun. Then this morning I got an email from Kari, who traded me the gorgeous bracelet for a bloom tshirt, and she bought my linen scarf. Awesome. Thank you, Kari.

I hope this doesn't come across as bragging. It just makes me so happy when someone likes what I made, so that is what I'm sharing...that joy that only comes from making a quick buck something that pleases someone else as much as it pleased you. (haha, couldn't resist)

I am off today for an eye exam followed by a few hours on my own. xoxo

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  1. Enjoy your day. Hopefully you will be able to see something after they dialate your eyes :)

    I am so excited about the scarf!!!


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