somebody stop me!

Actually, I think I'm about done now. I met Kari at the fabric store on Wednesday to pick up my gorgeous bracelet (that I will show you's downstairs in my purse and I am feeling quite lazy) and I picked up some gorgeous fabric as well. I knew I had to use this fabric for me and I decided a skirt would be fun to try.

All I did was copy another simple skirt I have. It's got an elastic waist and a seam up the back. I made a trim out of the same fabric for the bottom. When I laid it out I was about 1/4" short on fabric at the bottom hem but wasn't sure if it would matter. Of course it did and the bottom was all jacked up. I tried to fix it a couple ways (slit, v thing) that didn't work and suddenly had the idea to just sew a new seam, taking about a 1/2" in, up the back. Surely the simplest solution, though the last one I thought of, and it worked like a charm. The skirt fits a little bit better now anyways. Yay! My first skirt. Now I need a long sleeved orange shirt to complete this fall look.

We also had the messiest art time this morning. While Ruby immersed herself in her favorite medium, glitter glue, and James did sponge painting, I made our little wooden family. I've seen these around etsy and thought they were so adorable. (see some here and here.) Mine are not nearly as fancy but they were fun to make with what I had on hand...wooden beads & old spools. We are planning on cutting out little clothes for us soon.

I had a good work out this morning with my new 3 lb weights. We had spaghetti for dinner the other night, effectively removing the weight from my "weights." Glass jars are kind of hard to hold onto when your hands are sweaty, anyways.

Happy weekend, everyone! xoxo
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  1. WHAT A COOL SKIRT!!! I love it with the brown shirt. Nice job.

  2. I was wondering if you would get some of that. Your skirt is beautiful!

  3. I love the fabric you chose for that skirt! It's perfect for the fall. The little wooden dolls are cute too. I haven't saw those before. They'd make a fun craft for Elle to do. I'll have to be on the lookout for some old wooden spools.

  4. You are chock-full-of craftiness! The skirt is HOT--that pattern is gorgeous.

    All forms of glitter make me twitchy. You are brave.


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