My Morning Glories started blooming over the weekend. Here is one last night:

And then here is what I woke up to. Actually, they were half way opened at about 6:30 when I woke up and by 7:00 they were like this. So lovely.

I'm extra glad I took the pictures because by 10:00 they were almost all on the ground. Someone picked them but no one will admit to it. :( Good thing there will be more tomorrow.)

Since Patrick cemented the swing set in it is low enough for miss Ruby to reach. I love how she brings her animals out with her. (They go in the pool, too, and then on the line...she doesn't like that so much.)

And I just couldn't resist this tiny little bum.

I tried Billy Banks Tae Bo for my first time this morning. I got his new Get Celebrity Fit work out and man, was it hard. I did 30 minutes of the 45 and quit because I couldn't keep up and was tired of punching in place. I loved it but it was too fast moving. I think the second time will be a little's almost comical getting my arms & legs to work together so quickly. He'll show you some fun move and I'm all good, counting out my 8 reps, and then he'll yell, "Okay, double time, let's go!" And I start to cry.

I had coffee with my neighbor again this morning and even though our kids were like wild animals (at 9am), it's so nice. I feel like such an adult having coffee with my neighbor. I really like her and am glad she's next door.

I really like my kids, too, but I wish they were next door sometimes. heehee.

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  1. I love her bum too, and her rad PJs, and is she potty trained?? Awesome.

  2. I'm going to be so jealous if little Ruby is already potty trained! Ava has been in big girl underwear a few times this week and she thought she was so cool. I was too busy getting ready for company to follow through with any training though and wasn't willing to clean up any messes so we will have to wait for awhile yet. Elle thinks she looks so cute in the underwear so she keeps putting them over her diaper! That's going to have to stop otherwise I'll never get her trained. Wearing the Strawberry Shortcake and Pooh underwear are supposed to be the motivation for her!

  3. I love her chicken, and I love that she loves her chicken. Awesome swingset too.

  4. I'm the same way with my little one's butt- I think it's the cutest thing ever. I chuckled while reading about the Tao Bo routine, I did it years ago and there were times when I'd have to stop and laugh at how ridiculous I looked, especially when my arms would bang together during the double time thing- I've never felt more uncoordinated:) Good job on the working out- something I have yet to commit to!


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