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My camera battery is dead so I can't get my pictures, so here's an oldie of James (at around 5 months) in the first t shirt I ever made him. Our little tinybear. (that was one of our gazillion nicknames for him.)

There's not a whole lot to report today. James is better and his big "I'm all better" wish was to go to the mall even though it was a sunny day. (I usually hate going to the mall with them and always tell him we can't go unless it's raining. We haven't been in months.)

It was fine, James was great, Ruby was pretty good and then it all went to pot near the end as usual. James let out a rebel yell in front of Dick's (and I'm sorry, but him sounding out DICK'S just killed me) and that was that.

(I did Frontside again today and used jars of spaghetti sauce as my weights instead of cans of coconut milk...boy can I feel all those extra tomatoes!)


  1. So glad to hear that James is feeling better.
    I just love all your pictures. It's hard to believe that James was ever that little. He's such a grown up little man now. Where did the time go?! I love his little dimple and perfect skin. Mmmmm babies! tee hee hee ;) And little Miss Ruby in your previous post! Precious. Will there be a mini Mei Tai in her future?
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Oh, so glad he is feeling better.

    Did you guys happen to go to that splash place a week or so before his tummy started getting funky? Just curious.

  3. I LOVE that photo of James!!! I remember that shirt. I so wanted to make something for Elijah and did not know how to. I should have just got you to come over and help me then we could have started craft night 3 years ago;)

    Love the fact that you do not feel the need for weights and can just make do with what ever you have around!

  4. Susan, James actually reminds me of Ben in this picture...he had that same creamy skin that Ben's got. so sweet, aren't they?

    Denise, Thank you. No, we weren't at the spray park. Why, have you heard something creepy??

    Zoe, 4 years ago!! We could have started this 4 years ago. ;) thanks.

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  6. Love that tiny shirt...that's what I call Youngest, tiny.

    Middle is better today too!
    That was a haul, wasn't it?


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