what up, dogs?

Today was the perfect day for Kelsey to come over. I was bubbling over with emotions this morning...wishing they would just SHUT UP one minute and welling up with tears over Ruby's tiny little face the next. One of those crazy days.

I treated myself to a delicious lunch at the Marigold Kitchen and then spent the rest of the afternoon thrifting and going for a walk. It was a very relaxing day and very much appreciated.

When I got home I demanded a yogilates session from Charter. I've done aerobics the last 2 days so this was a nice break and left me feeling even more relaxed and noodle-ish. I did kind of miss doing "salsa hips" and the "funky march" from the Fabulous Fit Moms aerobic routine, though. (I don't think I have to tell you how utterly stoopid I feel doing those moves, even alone in my living room.)

It's (past) time to make dinner so I better get to it. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. xoxo


  1. That woman's breasts scare me.

  2. Yeah, me too.

    But don't worry, they aren't real so they can't hurt you.

  3. Good for YOU Steph!! I'm glad you are making some time for yourself to exercise--that's great.

  4. Wow. That all sounds...well...my back is still totally screwed up, so it sounds PAINFUL! ;P I crave exercise - almost in that 'if i do some crazy moves maybe it will just CRACK back into place', and yet I know I might never walk again if I do. Har.

    That lady looks scary in the photo though. What photographer says, ok, don't try to look natural, just suck it in, put your hand in some odd spot, and twist just this way...crazy.


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