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I've been wanting to go to a flea market for the longest time and finally got to while we were home. There is a perma-flea over in Superior that I love. It is a fenced off property filled with sheds & trailers that are just packed with junk. I hadn't been there in years and was happy to go back and find it the same.

I spent $8 on an old mexican themed paint by number, a blue cannister with floral decal, an orange storage box, 4 multi colored broomsticks (no brooms), 5 vintage childrens books with either great stories, great illustration or both, and a wooden ironing board with decal intact. (I will photograph these items soon.)

As we Patrick was loading up the van for the trip home I brought my pile of goodies over from my mom's car. He shook his head in disgust and snorted, "4 frickin broomsticks and an ironing board?" I smiled and walked back to the house singing,
'"where it's at! I got 4 frickin' broomsticks and an ironing board."
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  1. Oh yeah--can't wait to see pics of the children's book illustrations!

  2. Hey,
    Your trip looks fantastic, and yay for 4 frickin broomsticks! We'll be heading home tomorrow. Also, congrats on the exercise :D

    Talk to you tomorrow!

  3. You are my funny cousin. I loved this post and I miss you terribly after reading it.

  4. I love you Sarah! I'm so glad you are home safe. I loved your updates while you were gone. Come and see me! xoxo


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