where's tom?

Aside from when we were just at home, I haven't mentioned my Dad for a while. That's because he's been feverishly working on another rare Tbird ever since we got back from Barrett. He's going to hang onto this one for a couple of years before bringing it to auction. It is gorgeous. This photo doesn't show the color very well...it looks like a thick vanilla malt to me.
He just got back from another big auction in California. (as a spectator) This picture of him behind Jay Leno CRACKS ME UP. Look at the look on his face. He is so cute. (my dad, not Jay.)

And here he is with the Italien, now featured at the Blackhawk Museum in California.



  1. You Dad is soooo much cuter then Jay!!! Cool new car.

  2. He IS cute.
    Your dad - not Jay Leno.

  3. It's about time you mentioned me!!

    Thanks for the kudo's (girls?)!

  4. They are women, Dad, like me. :)



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