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Patrick is hooked on WoW. For a few weeks now he's been going down to the basement nearly every night after the kids go to bed. Oh sure, he comes up once in a while for snacks or whatever else he might be in the mood for (wink) but he always scurries right back down there, doing whatever it is he does until the wee hours of the morning.

At first I would go down to put a load of laundry in or something and would catch him whispering quietly under his breath. Wow (get it? WoW), I thought, he's really getting into this. I was a little worried but told myself it would pass. It didn't. Boy was I relieved when I found out that he wasn't talking to himself but to his good buddies, Jon & Erik. See, they live in Mpls. and he lives here but with the amazing WoW technology they can play know, like real people! Amazing!

Anyways. That's what my husband is sucked into these days nights. I am loving the opportunity to give him all sorts of crap but also looking forward to this little addiction wrapping up.


  1. I know exactly what it's like having a husband addicted to games. Mine played WoW for a short time, but has been playing EverQuest for several years now. He even has a Tuesday night group - which means he gets home from work and heads straight to the computer. I don't see him again until he goes to been an hour later than normal. I hope your husbands addiction doesn't last anywhere near as long as mine!

  2. I know people who have had YEARS of their lives lost to WoW. The only time they didn't play was when they were at work, and would be up all night, days on end. It's scarily addictive!

    I've wanted to try it, but I know I'd turn into one of those people. Must resist!

  3. It will pass, It will pass, It will pass... maybe if we all say it a couple dozen times it will help it pass;) Oh and be thankful he is doing after the kids go to bed! I had a friend who's husband (now x) would come home and go right to the computer (she had 2 small kids)!

  4. heather - at least it's only on Tuesdays. right?! :)

    Vicki & Zoe - alright, stop trying to scare me. :) see you guys later!

  5. d2(still) < wow!

    Hello sister -- Ask Patrick if he has heard that D3 is coming soon!!
    Then kiss him goodbye for a while ;)hahaha.

  6. hahaha! you're real funny, thomas. :)

    I was just telling patrick how you are some diablo hot shot. I have to keep you two apart. xoxoxoxo


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