4:30pm, doing better

We finally made it to the new-ish public pool in Madison after church yesterday and loved it. Too bad yesterday was the last day of the season. haha. Oh well, at least we'll know to put it on our calendar for next summer.

Since we last spoke we have cleaned up the house, I put a few things up for grabs on ebay and photographed a lot more for etsy, hollered at my husband, bathed my daughter (those last 2 are related), smiled sweetly at husband (nonverbal request for forgiveness), ate a fried steak, egg & cheese sandwich made by husband (it worked), payed our bills, made numerous lists (things to talk to patrick about, how I want my day with kids to run, what I want to fit in every day, things I want to do regularly as activities with kids), figured out a plan for each paycheck from now until Christmas (my belated Christmas fund planning...but we always use the "extra" check in the fall/winter for this), and started Christmas gift list. Holy cats, batman. My hair is back in a tight ponytail with a headband controlling any flyaways and I have taken a generic allegra.

whew. I need a Blow Pop and some water. Oh yeah, and I am cheating today and blogging without exercising first. You got a problem with that? (kidding.) But I am longing for a good stretch so I may go do that now. The other 3 members of this household are sleeping.

whatever. sleep is for babies.
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  1. That is a cool pool!! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. My name is Bob Kelly and i would like to show you my personal experience with Allegra.

    I have taken for 6 months. I am 42 years old. After I discontinued taking allegra, my mood changed back to normal. If I decide to take it again I will likely reduce my dosage: Maybe just one 75mg tablet every other day -- which means I would go from taking about 60 tablet/month to 15.

    Side Effects :
    I experienced sudden/sharp lower back pain, became mopey and slightly depressed. Lower sex drive. But it significantly reduced my hives (food allergy related). I was taking 75mg twice daily.

    I hope this information will be useful to others,
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