ah choo!

off to school!
my life gets a little easier every day
james making his sandwich of the day: ham, hot dogs, sour cream & cream cheese on wheat (and he ate it all!)

I am tired. Must be the weekend catching up with me. I've also sneezed about 1,000,000 times and keep forgetting to check the allergen levels online. It's raining today so maybe something strange is going on? Whatever, it's awful and I'm out of pills to solve this horrible problem. (poor me, right?)

So, Ruby and I spent our first morning together at Target preparing another approved snack list for James' school. I did this last year but misplaced it somehow. Being at Target with Ruby at 9am, whilst sneezing so hard I wondered if my female bits might come shooting out, and trying to legibly record the names of safe processed snacks, isn't my favorite thing to do. However, the fact that his teacher asked me for this list and is happy to buy things for the class that James can eat makes me so so so grateful. I just wish I would have picked up some claritin or something.
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  1. That is a crrrrraaaazy sandwich that James came up with. Very creative, he's totally going to be an artist or engineer of some sort. Sounds like you made a good choice for him with that school.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Wow, it seems like I just started reading your blog and they were so much younger. They are looking so grown up. BTW, thought of you on Friday and Sunday. We drove up to Neillsville, WI and both times we drove through the Madison area, I said Hi!


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