fine susan, here it is*

I finished my room (yay!) and cannot believe I'm actually going to show you the pictures. But I will, just in case you thought I was perfect. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

But first, a few good things. I just sold another scarf on etsy! That is so fun. I must make some more. Also, Kari just got word that she gets to come on the LQweekend with us. I'm very happy for her because she was on the wait list and now she gets to go! And happy for us all because we will have big fun. I am sad because Zoe & Rebecca are going to dig & save tomorrow and I can't go. (I never get to see you, Rebecca, and I would have loved to join you guys!) Instead I am watching my neighbors 2 kids alllllll day. BUT! Then, on Sunday, they are going to watch my kids allllllll day so it's all good. (or I would have loved to get together with you & yours, Susan.)

Okay, I know you've been waiting for these. Chances are you didn't even read what I wrote first. I understand

This is a tshirt James embroidered on last summer and I never blogged about it. It's off to the thrift store soon so I thought I should document it. (straight lines were mine, wavy his)

Alright, here was my room pretty much all week:
Ruby gets the credit for this little mess:
I just moved the white dresser in this morning for fabric storage. I love this dresser. It's stamped 1930 on the back and just being close to it makes me feel good inside. Strange? so.
Oh yeah, I finally captured my amazing bracelet made by the above mentioned Kari. Love it.

And here is my room now. (with new to me purple curtains from d&s)
ahhhhhhhh. (no I didn't vacuum yet.)
sigh. one lonely pillow.
picnic basket contains current WIPs. (works in progress for you non-crafty types.)
There. I laid my messy soul bare before you. be gentle. have a good weekend. xoxo

*heehee, Susan. :)

oh yeah, another PS: Thank you for hearing me about James yesterday. He was a total beast and I was kind of in shock. Thankfully I got out last night and today has been better. I was supposed to take us to a birthday party today but canceled yesterday afternoon because I was just drained. (babysitting & angry fits did me in) I was tempted to go this morning but now am glad I stayed home and got some stuff done that, as you can see, really needed doing.


  1. Okay, I seriously need to jump on this blogging bandwagon. I wish I could post pictures of my house. It looks just like yours! I am so impressed with your motivation today that it has motivated me to clean after I put my big kid to bed. I'm making a "to do" list as soon as I finish putting this comment on your blog. Your room looks GREAT!!! Do you feel great about it?! I'd even bet you'll sleep better tonight.
    Good luck tomorrow :) I'll pray for you and your patience. And last but not least (I know this is soooooo long - sorry) have a great time on Sunday and enjoy the time to yourself.

  2. Looks great Stephanie! I did some big cleaning at my house this afternoon too and it always calms my soul. Burning a candle in a clean house REALLY gets me mellow. We are around all weekend if you need anything!

  3. My names not anonymous, it's heidi.

  4. Wow, I cannot tell you how impressed I am! My room is far too scary a place to even ATTEMPT cleaning. Maybe an exorcism first...

  5. thanks guys. This does feel really I can actually enjoy my room again. Patrick is going to be surprised! It was pretty messy, huh?

    :) I hope you all have good weekends, too, and call me, Susan, if you want.

    Good luck with cleaning your house!

  6. Wow.
    That's some before and a fabulous after!

    Good work.

  7. I love the basket for WIP and the dresser for fabric is wonderful. The room looks great. I hope your day is going well with the 4(?) kids.


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