friday already?

Yesterday was the first morning since James started preschool that felt like I wanted it to. It involved eating breakfast with Ruby while listening to some good music, hanging & inhaling 3 loads of laundry, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, Ruby, and a big stack of books. It was so nice. We spent the afternoon at a playground with our friends, also very nice. I feared I wouldn't be the best company but went anyways and had a good time. I was buoyed by the beautiful day, conversation, and tiny new adorable baby that I got to hold.


The first person I called after James saw the doctor on Tuesday was my brother. He dealt with some crazy hive action last Easter and told me he has since been diagnosed with "chronic hives." huh. who knew? He's done lots of research and told me that what he reads over and over from hives sufferers is that the BEST thing you can do is try to forget about them. Mind over hives, essentially. This is easier said than done when the little buggers are itching so badly.

On Wednesday afternoon James came down from his room after quiet time. He had some hivey stuff going on that morning and we had been at an apple orchard (in the hot sun) all afternoon. (pictures soon, promise!) I asked him to take his shirt off so I could see. We exclaimed how his skin was almost entirely clear and got to playing Legos. Within 5 minutes, I KID YOU NOT, his whole torso was littered with hives. Just mentioning them to James caused him to think about them which caused them to appear! It was crazy...right before my eyes. Needless to say I haven't asked him about them since. I peeked at his body last night while he was sleeping and he was all clear. So strange.


Well, it's a gorgeous day. I have 2 more loads ready to go out on the line.

*Side note here: Hanging laundry out is my favorite part of my morning. Even better than coffee now. What am I going to do when I can't do it? sniffle.

James is a little sniffly, I can hear him sneezing downstairs. Ruby and I are designing her scary monster tshirt (with her as my muse although she doesn't get that. must entertain self somehow.). Patrick and I have that babysitter coming tomorrow night and now also get to have a really nice dinner at a popular local restaurant courtesy of my neighbors. Patrick is fixing their computer for them and they thanked him with a generous gift certificate. So unexpected and sweet.



  1. You know, you can use your clothes line in the winter, you just need to have the kids go out there and stomp down the snow under it - that was my job as a kid. My mom hangs out clothes year round. Now about the ice cold fingers....

  2. TGIF I will set up a clothesline in my bastment and you can come over here to get your fill in the winter. I am just that kinda friend;)

    Have fun tomorrow night.

  3. Stephanie forgot to mention that she inherited her love of hanging laundry out from me, her wise and sweet mama. There was a time when she scoffed @ my insistence (sp?)that their new house wouldn't really be a home w/out clotheslines. She (and her siblings) also used to sit in the car,all cranky and bored, refusing to even walk into a thrift store w/me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......times have changed, haven't they? Yup, now you just love those clotheslines and thrift stores, don't you????? With love,
    your mama :)

  4. Oh how that comment from your mama made me chuckle! :)
    The apple didn't fall far from the tree did it?! Wise and sweet pretty much sums it up.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your date Stephanie!

  5. Does James take an allergy medicine every day? It might help with the hive problem. Ever since that gigantic outbreak over here I am back on zyrtec every day.

  6. Hope those hives clear up--that must be awful for him. Interesting that he was thinking about them and they started to show up more.

    Your laundry looks very happy out there!


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