getting ready

conked out with super bear
bath time bubles
prepping for the weekend
Do you still think they're stupid, mom? (the little trees above, not the kids below)
(pattern & idea from this lovely blog)
a little breakfast smackdown
back off, sister
played the tube whistle ALL THE WAY TO MADISON.

Well, I got almost everything done that I wanted to and am ready to go! Almost ready. I still have to exercise (after Dora) and shower. Then I am outta here! I am leaving a little early to do a few errands and then going to Zoe's at noon.

I don't really have much else this morning...kinda tired. Both kids conned their way into our bed halfway through the night and then Ruby woke up at 6:20. "Is it good mornin' time, mom?" Um, no Ruby, not really.

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week! I'm sure I'll have lots of wild sewing stories to share. :)


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