*happy little things*

*on the verge of hot-chocolate-with-my-bunny weather
*new sweaters
*no rain tomorrow so clothes on the line!
*a fun birthday party today for a sweet boy...got to chat with my friends
*really nice weekend, some good time alone with my little boy
*the pastor today was the one who sings the closing blessing in Hebrew...love, love this
*james is still allergic to dairy...felt sad, etc...have moved on. just thankful for him & what we know xoxo
*looking at dates for a weekend in Mass
*finally can start new pills
*finished another scarf tonight
*babysitter next Saturday night
*going to make soup this week
*and maybe caramel corn
*a big stack of good books
*a cupboard full of baking supplies
*another trip to Barrett in our future (my dad is the high bidder on this little beauty)
*jason calling me the other day because he heard Tears For Fears on the radio
*ruby saying "watch wis, mom!" over and over
*sewing weekend coming up
*james' idea to have a campfire on halloween night

sweet dreams...xoxoxo


  1. Can I borrow those books when you are done? They really look like a good read. Your list made me realize I need to try to slow down a bit and enjoy the moment - Thanks.

  2. hi kari! they're from the library or I would totally let you. There is not a long wait for either of them, though.



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