Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Ruby at church, clutching her puppy, and a short hike that we dragged the children to on Saturday even though it was drizzly. We're sweet like that.

I have a big stack of magazines from the library and our bedroom windows are letting in the sweetest, coolest air. I really am dying to lay down but I wanted to say hello.

We watched Aaron all day yesterday and today James woke up with hives all over his body. I accidentally left the children's Benadryl open on the counter while I ran up to throw some clothes on so we could make our last minute doctor appointment all the way in Madison. A minute later James yells up (sounding bored), "Mo-om, Ruby's drinking the Benadryl." ACK! Poison control assured me she had a non-toxic dose (the max it could have been was one ounce) but I still felt awful. At least we were already on our way to the doctor!

Ruby's fine and James is itchy but doing well. His hives are from an unknown source and hopefully they'll go away soon. We had a really nice day after all of that...the zoo & 3 hour long naps all around. bliss.

Ruby & I went for a walk around the nieghborhood tonight. Have you seen our moon the last couple nights?! Amazing. I love walking with her. I love what she says to me, how she holds my hand, how she pretends she sees a monster one minute and pretends she is the monster the next.

Thank God I didn't OD her this morning. xoxoxo
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  1. It is always good to thank God for the little things.... and in this case it is good to thank him for the BIG things as well.


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