home alone

The weekend that wasn't meant to be:

Patrick wanted to go to Mpls. to see his friend Erik for the weekend. (his WoW partner & lifelong friend.) I wanted to go with to see Thomas & Erin and new baby Audri, my mom, my cousins and everyone else. Patrick couldn't get Monday off so he is going himself this afternoon and coming back on Sunday night. That is just way too quick of a trip to take the kids on. (10+ hours in the car in 2.5 days)

I was holding onto a sliver of hope until I talked to him around lunch time and he said there really is just too much going on for him to take Monday off. (he has meetings all day on Mondays normally) I totally forgot to actually call my brother and tell him (just put that little note on here this morning). He just called me and sounded disappointed and now I'm even sadder to not be going. It's so nice to feel loved, isn't it? Obviously I know he loves our kids but it made me feel good to hear how much he would have liked to see them. (thanks for calling, thomas, I hope I haven't embarrassed you by discussing your softer side.) (to preserve his male pride I will add this: he is like the King of Diablo or something like that.) I must plan a trip there soon. I miss my brother. xoxoxo

So here I am with the kidlets for the weekend. It's going to be a beautiful one and we are having a good day today...getting lots of messes cleaned up so we can just have fun from here on out. If I'm brave enough I will show you the tornado that was my room this past week. Seriously, a tornado. Worse than you can even imagine. Do you want to see? ;)


  1. I want to see that tornado!!! hahaha ;-)
    I'm so sorry hear that you can't go and visit your family and that new baby. BTW - her name is beautiful. :) I hope a trip is reality for you very soon.
    I love love love this weather too. I'm a single mom this weekend as well, maybe we could meet up and enjoy the weather and our kids together.


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