i kill myself

(what we came home to Saturday night)
(tired & dirty)

(little buddy)

Haha, I was laughing so hard when I posted that funky picture of me earlier. (kind of like up there) I was trying to take a nice self portrait on Sunday and BOY HOWDY are there some good outtakes. (actually they are practically ALL outtakes but whatevs.)

I'm not sure who I'm kidding but I have SO much to do before I leave on Friday and I am in slouch/procrastination mode. I'm wondering when my drive is going to kick in. My exercises actually had me tearing up this morning while Ruby laid beside me giggling while she did hers. (little witch.)

Oh yeah. My mom thinks she's all cool now that she overcame her fear of word verification on the comments. Expect to see lots of hilarious little asides from her.

Last week when I was lamenting the end of clothes drying season, Kari suggested that I hang them out all year long. Well, guess what? That's what my mom does!!!!! Can I be ANY more like her?? geez. It is a good idea, Kari, but a girl can only go so far down certain roads. (certain OLD roads) HAHAHAHAHA!

Good thing I'm in a good mood or else my to do list might make me cry. I actually started a fun project this morning though, one that I am nearly done with and that, my friends, is a very good thing.



  1. Congrats to your mom for getting the verification down. Can't wait to hear what she has to say;)

    I LOVE the photo of you laughing! I want to see lots of that this weekend.

  2. zoe.......it had nothing to do w/fear, what a liar she is, it is because i didn't want to intrude in yet another area of her life. i like to respect her personal space......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....ok, so it might have been a little anxiety too.....but not very much. hey, stephanie, how about some new pictures of the kids before you run off to relax and have fun all weekend?????
    with love,
    your mama,
    no longer beige, but brave.


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