i'm in withdrawl

I stopped taking my mini-pill about 2 weeks ago and got a prescription for a regular one as I am totally done nursing Ruby. I have been for a while but just got around to requesting a new one, you know how it goes. Anyways, I have to wait until a certain point in my cycle to start the new ones and I am going a wee bit crazy. I am hot, all the time, hot. And it's not helping that it's 90 outside. I am irritable and when that amps up I get even hotter. I am having strange dreams and not sleeping well. I've been on the other pill for 2 years and my body is like, "what the heck. give me my drugs. NOW! woman." (patrick calls me woman sometimes and it cracks me up. it's when he's pretending to be an insensitive stereotypical male. like, "bring me my supper, woman!")

So, yeah. I feel crazy. Oh yeah! And my allergies are going wild so I am itchy and sneezy, too. If my hair tickles my face I just want to claw it off. So. Anyone want to come over to visit? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If you do, bring beer.

Kelsey painted Ruby's fingernails with marker on Friday. She loves them.

My mom told me that my cousin Rachel has been reading ye olde blog. Hi Rachel! :) She left for college this morning and I know her parents are going to have a hard time getting used to not having her sweet & funny self around. Now to me, today, having my kids go away to college sounds like a sweet, sweet dream. sigh.

Anyways, a little bit more about Rachel. She is awesome and funny and loves my kids almost as much as they love her. She is a very talented equestrian and is attending a college with a rodeo program. She got to bring her horse. to. college. Along with packing up her new iPhone & macbook like most kids, she had to pack her saddle. How cool is that?! Anyways, Rachel, we love you and hope everything starts out smoothly.

In other news about cousins that I am crazy about but don't see nearly enough, Eryn had her baby! Yay! A baby girl, Audreyana. I am butchering that spelling, I'm sure. They will call her Audrey. I've heard she's beautiful and nursing like a pro already. (my aunt Lee, Eryn's mom, is a lactation specialist and NICU nurse, and totally helped me through my first really difficult months with James.)

Alright, I'm drained after that huge burst of writing. Hopefully more later. I must go make oodles of lists to ease my anxiety. xoxo

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  1. I got beer, come on over I am cutting out patterns for a new bag, yeah cause I need a new bag;)


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