just the facts

baby good. didn't sleep much. smiled a lot, made up for it.

ruby good. v. cute with baby. james also good with baby but bad otherwise. wondering if he somehow got rabies or something as strangely upset at losing candy land.

this day did not give me baby fever, mom. if anything, reinforced feelings of happy with 2.

pray for me, for patrick to be home soon, and for james to still be in the house when he does get here.

(thinking some garage time might be the next step for him.)



  1. Rabies? BWAAaaaaahaha...

    Hang in there!

  2. Was he foaming at the mouth and growling at you?? Hee Hee. I feel your pain, and I know it hurts!! Boys will be boys? Nah, butt heads will be butt heads . . . . .
    James is awesome and will recover, after his rabies vaccination.
    grin, Heidi


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