little nuggets of perfection

I'm making that little noise I make when I really want something. Of course Williams-Sonoma would come up with something this perfect. bastards.

After my fun & delicious Girls Night Out ($16 for cheese fondue, a salad, and chocolate fondue) at The Melting Pot last night, I kind of want one of these, too:But somehow I don't think the Intermediate Yogilates routine I did this morning will cancel out the 4,000 calories I ate last night. I can't do this yet, either:


  1. I have an electric fondue pot and you are welcome to come over and have melted cheese and chocolate anytime you want!!!

  2. That IS an awfully sweet acorn cake pan...

  3. Now I think I need to have that acorn pan! :)

  4. I LOVE your humour. That pose might look interesting but what function does it serve in real life? I've been doing yoga almost 12 years, I can do that pose, and trust me, I've never needed to use it.

    I'm writing again. And reading again. I'll be back to catch up on all your fun pics & hilarious view on things ;-)


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