little pumpkins

I love making pillow slipcovers. Fast & adorable projects like this are why I wanted to start sewing.

I did rearrange the living room again yesterday and am in the midst of removing all traces of summer from our home. Patrick was so cute when he came home last night...he is just as much of a sucker for cozy as I am.


(pictures soon as I get my butt in gear and finish!)


  1. That is mega cute fabric. Where did ya get it?

  2. welcome back Steph. It looks like you had a perfect weekend!!! I love the slipcovers!!

  3. I changed my mind I want some of that fabric;) Very cute.

  4. Those are so sweet. I have it in me to sew--but I procrastinate (and need to get a beginner machine, to boot). I like my comfort zone: baking.

  5. I'm all for baking! :) But you should get a beginner machine is really fun.

    And Zoe, sorry but that ship has sailed. ;)

    Hey Jules...I will try calling you tomorrow. Your blog updates don't show on my bloglines feed. ?? xo


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